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Minneapolis Kids: Learning math through money

History: Minneapolis Kids started as a "Latch Key" program in 1972. At that time, it served 30 children. As the need for before and after school care increased, Minneapolis Kids responded and currently serves 2,000 children in 22 locations. Minneapolis Kids is a program of Minneapolis Community Education.

Care is available from 6:30 am-6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, year-round. We offer Before- and After-School Care, High Five and full-day care on non-school days and during the summer. (Components vary by site.)

Accreditation: Several Minneapolis Kids sites are accredited by the Minnesota Afterschool Accreditation Program. Accreditation is a rigorous, voluntary process by which childhood programs demonstrate that they consistently meet national standards of excellence. Each program undergoes an intensive self-study, collecting information from parents, teachers, and administrators, and classroom observations to evaluate program quality. The results are evaluated through an on-site visit by certified validators, and a review panel grants or defers accreditation.

Staff: Our staff are skilled professionals who respect and enjoy working with children. They are required to have a combination of professional training and job experience that enables them to fully understand the developmental needs of children. They schedule a wide variety of well-planned, carefully supervised activities, which complement school experiences.

Program Activities: Our programs are designed to offer each child many opportunities for intellectual, physical, and social development. Children take part in a wide variety of activities for group and individual play, including: crafts, music, art, computers, sports, cooking, storytelling, and dramatics. Our facilities are well-equipped rooms that take full advantage of the school setting by offering play in gyms, on playgrounds, books and films from libraries, special guests and field trips, lunches and nutritious snacks.

Locations: Minneapolis Kids programs are conveniently located throughout the city with programming variations designed to meet the needs of children and parents.  For more specific information about our program locations and hours, visit our Locations page.

Parent Involvement: Parent involvement is encouraged in every part of the program. Each location elects a delegate and an alternate to the Minneapolis Kids Advisory Council. This is an active group that gives invaluable support and input to the program.

Funding: The Minneapolis Kids Program is funded by parent fees. Financial assistance may also be available to eligible families throughout Hennepin County. Funding may be available through Hennepin County (612.348.5937).

Transportation: Transportation between a child's school and a Minneapolis Kids location can be arranged through the child's home school office. There is no additional cost to parents if children are Minneapolis Public School students.

Enrollment: Register online or call 612.668.3890 for enrollment questions and inquiries. Our central office is located at the Davis Center, 1250 W. Broadway Ave.